Metadata based file browser for the command line
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A filemanager-like program to inspect your indexed documents.


Easiest way is to go through PyPi:

pip install metaindexmanager

It depends on metaindex and cursedspace. You probably want to install metaindex manually though, to be able to select all the delicious extra features that are not enabled by default, because they depend on more packets.

You could also clone the git repository and pip install from there:

git clone <location to be decided>
cd metaindexmanager
pip install .


Just start it with


Open a file manager panel with gf, open another metadata panel with gm. To search for documents in a metadata panel, try :search followed by any valid metaindex search terms, e.g. :search mimetype:image.

To immediately have a search panel and a file panel, you could start like this:

metaindexmanager "mimetype:image" ~

Which will open with two panels: one the search results of mimetype:image and the other a file manager panel in your home directory. You could also start with two file manager panels, like this:

metaindexmanager ~ ~/Documents

Another good use case is to run in file select mode:

metaindexmanager --file-select-mode

It’ll provide the exact same experience as before, but when you press Enter, the path of the selected document or file will be written to stdout. That way you can use metaindexmanager as a file selection utility in other applications.

The --file-select-output allows you to write the path to the selected file to a file instead of stdout.