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Hungarian Phrasebook

This is a binary-to-text encoding tool similar to PGP word list, RFC 1751, and mnemonicode.

In fact, it incorporates as a commandline option.

Aside from mnemonicode you can use the home-brew version. This is the default. It has a slightly higher compression rate, but arguably worse choice of words.

Example usage

The main program is called hpb, short for hungarianphrasebook.

You can use it through stdin and stdout like this:

> echo 'but i only want to sing!' | hpb
bunny divan lowe clap amaze gnp third denote nastily numeral cloy criss cloy heath wing cadent aflame

To decode the stuff again, just use the -d option:

> echo 'width criss shun gluey corbel maggot cloy heath wing tainted wing cadent aflame' | hpb -d
stop that singing!

If you’d rather use mnemonicode, always supply the -m option:

> echo "is your name not bruce then?" | hpb -m
shannon short visa - formal nixon denmark - beach scarlet samba - tommy ingrid tropic - kiwi miami uniform - mineral open trilogy - lunar cabaret liter - airline

And the decoding:

> echo -n "life family demo - immune saga transit - janet forever robert - tribune grace stereo - airline" | hpb -dm

Mind the -n for echo, as mnemonicode doesn’t really like trailing newlines.

Instead of piping everything into the script, you can also use -i to read from a file and -o to write to a file.

> hpb -i somefile.dat -o plain.txt