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A tool to synchronize GitLab issues to a todo.txt file.

When started, gitlab-todotxt will read the configuration file, load all issues, and write them into a todo.txt-type file of your choice.


gitlab-todotxt requires a configuration file. It expects the configuration file by default in ~/.config/gitlab-todotxt/gitlab-todotxt.conf.

Each GitLab configuration is a separate section in the configuration file. The title of that section must not contain any spaces.

This is an example configuration:

url =
token = your-access-token
projects = project1, project2
unassigned = no

The minimal required options are:

  • url, the URL to the GitLab instance you are using.
  • token, your personal API access token.
  • file, the file where to write the tasks into.

Additional options are:

  • namespaces, the list of namespaces to consider when importing issues. Only namespaces on this list will be considered when imporrting issues. When left empty (the default), all accessible namespaces are considered.
  • projects, the list of projects to consider when importing issues. Only projects on this list will be considered when importing issues. When left empty (the default), all accessible projects are considered.
  • users, the list of users to consider when importing issues. Only issues that are assigned to a user of this list (or to yourself) are considered for importing. When empty (the default) no issues, unless assigned to you, are imported.
  • unassigned, whether or not unassigned issues should be imported.
  • labels-are-projects, whether or not labels of issues should be added as project tags.
  • milestone-prefix, the prefix you would like to have before the milestone element, if there is a milestone. Defaults to milestone:.
  • format, the format to write the todo.txt task in. See below for details.

Format Option

The format option in the configuration can be used to customize in what form your todo.txt tasks are written to file.

The default is

{delegate} {title} {due} {project} {milestone} {estimate} {spent} {url}

These are also all possible fields:

  • delegate: if an issue is assigned to someone else than you, @delegated will be written in this place, followed by to: and the username of those the issue is assigned to
  • title: the title of the issue,
  • due: the due date of the issue or, if there is none, the due date of the milestone this task belongs to (if any); in form of a due: tag.
  • project: the project this task belongs to.
  • spent: the time spent on the task.
  • estimate: the estimated time for the task.
  • milestone: the milestone of the issue.
  • url: the URL to the actual issue at the GitLab website